Korean Origin Red Ginseng Extract (240g)

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Enhance immunity and wellbeing with this rich-flavoured extract. Supports immune system and promotes good health. Halal-certified.

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Boost your immunity and enhance your wellbeing with our Korea Origin Korean Red Ginseng Extract. This halal-certified supplement, made with purified water and supplementary ingredients, is rich in flavour and aroma. Experience the power of Korean red ginseng as it supports your immune system and promotes good health.

• Enhanced immunity & wellbeing
• Rich flavour & aroma
• Supports immune system
• Promotes good health
• Halal-certified supplement

• Mix the recommended amount of Korean Origin Korean Red Ginseng Extract (240g) with hot water in a teacup.
• Use the enclosed spoon to measure the extract.
• Take the mixture once a day, preferably before breakfast, on an empty stomach.
• For cooking, add half of a teaspoon of the extract to flavor dishes.

100% 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract Pure Form.

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