Korean Origin Red Ginseng Extract Everytime (30G)

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Boost immunity, enhance wellbeing. Authentic Korean Red Ginseng extract. Halal-certified. Maximum health benefits. Rich flavour and aroma.

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Boost your immunity and promote overall wellbeing with Korea Origin Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime. Made from authentic Korean Red Ginseng and purified water, this halal certified extract is designed to enhance your health. Experience the rich flavour and aroma while enjoying the benefits of this scientifically formulated supplement.

• Boosts immunity, promoting overall wellbeing
• Authentic Korean Red Ginseng extract
• Scientifically formulated for maximum health benefits
• Rich flavor and aroma for a delightful supplement experience

• Take 1 stick of Korea Origin Korean Red Ginseng Extract Every time per day
• Consume the extract to boost immunity and promote overall wellbeing
• Follow the recommended daily dosage of 30g per stick

Purified Water, Red Ginseng Concentrate(6-Years-Grown, Solids 64%, Red Ginseng Ingredient 70 Mg/G Over, Korean) 30%(Raw Material Mixing Ratio 6-Years-Grown Red Ginseng 100% : Red Ginseng Body 75%, Red Ginseng Radicle 25%)

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