Elymentica Xani (14)

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Deepen sleep, elevate mood, support menstrual health. Experience the benefits of saffron with Prince Pharmacy's innovative supplement.

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Elymentica Xani is a revolutionary supplement that harnesses the power of saffron to support sleep, mood, and menstrual health. Our patented extraction technique unlocks the benefits of Safranal, a key saffron molecule with proven wellbeing properties. Experience the elegance of good health with Xani , the world's first saffron-based supplement.

• Restful Sleep: Deepen your sleep with the power of saffron.
• Improved Mood: Elevate your mood and promote emotional balance naturally.
• Enhanced Menstrual Health: Alleviate discomfort and support a regular cycle.
• Patented Extraction Technology: Unlock the full potential of saffron's wellbeing benefits.
• World's First Saffron-Based Supplement: Experience the elegance of good health with Prince Pharmacy's innovative product.

• Take 1 Elymentica Xani capsule before bedtime for a restful sleep.
• For improved mood, take 1 capsule daily.
• Take 1 capsule daily to enhance menstrual health and support a regular cycle.

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