Emergen-C Sachets Zingy Lemon (8)

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Boost immunity, combat fatigue, refresh and invigorate. Support everyday wellness and maintain optimal health.

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Savour the zesty tang of Emergen-C Sachets, a delightful blend of 15 essential nutrients. Packed with 1,000mg of powerful Vitamin C, this sparkling drink mix supports everyday wellness. Boost your immunity with the added benefits of niacin and zinc, while Vitamin B12 and B6 combat fatigue.

• Boost immunity with 1,000mg of Vitamin C
• Combat fatigue with Vitamin B12 and B6
• Refresh and invigorate with a zesty lemon flavour
• Support everyday wellness with 15 essential nutrients
• Maintain optimal health with niacin and zinc

• Take one Emergen-C sachet every day
• Open the sachet and pour it into a glass of water
• Stir the mixture thoroughly
• Drink the mixture
• Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Vitamin C 1,000 Mg (1,250% Eu-Rda), Vitamin B1 1.5 Mg (136% Eu-Rda), Vitamin B2 1.7 Mg (121% Eu-Rda), Vitamin B6 6 Mg (429% Eu-Rda), Vitamin B12 18 Ug (720% Eu-Rda), Vitamin D 10 Ug (200% Eu-Rda), Folic Acid 100 Ug (50% Eu-Rda), Nicotinic Acid (B3) 25 Mg (156% Eu-Rda), Pantothenic Acid 5 Mg (83% Eu-Rda), Potassium 300 Mg (15% Eu-Rda), Calcium 120 Mg (15% Eu-Rda), Magnesium 95 Mg (25% Eu-Rda), Manganese 0.575 Mg (29% Eu-Rda), Chromium 10 Ug (25% Eu-Rda), Zinc 3 Mg (30% Eu-Rda).

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