HANX Three

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Eco-friendly, ultra-discreet comfort pad: Invisible, skin-friendly, superior absorbency. Perfect for confidence on-the-move.

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Our eco-friendly, comfortable product offers discreet, sleek, and durable absorbency for on-the-go confidence.

- Eco-friendly materials gentle on sensitive skin
- Sleek, invisible design for discreet use
- Superior comfort for extended wear
- High absorbency levels for confidence in any situation
- Durable construction ensuring reliable protection

- Begin by carefully removing the product from its packaging to maintain its discreet integrity.
- Before application, ensure your skin is clean and dry to optimise comfort and effectiveness.
- Gently unfold the product, being mindful of its eco-friendly materials and the direction of the absorbent side.
- Place the product in the desired area, ensuring it is snug against the skin for invisible protection.
- Smooth out any folds or creases to maintain its sleek, discreet design under your clothing.
- Use the product with confidence, knowing its unmatched absorbency and durability will provide support in any situation.
- Once used, carefully fold the product away from the skin, preserving its discretion.
- Dispose of the product in an environmentally friendly manner, respecting its eco-friendly materials.
- If required for ongoing comfort and protection, repeat the process with a fresh product as necessary.

natural rubber latex, corn starch powder, silicone oil, sulfur, zinc oxide, zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate, zinc mercaptobenzothiazole

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