Minami Nutrition Omega-3 Fish Oil Capsules Junior (60)

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Tasty Chewable EPA & DHA Capsules for Kids: Supporting Brain, Vision, Heart Health, Sustainably Sourced, CO2 Purified for Purity & Flavor.

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Chewable capsules with EPA and DHA for kids' brain, vision, and heart, sustainably sourced and CO2 purified for high purity and taste.

- Supports children's brain health
- Enhances vision health in children
- Promotes heart health in kids
- Utilise s sustainable sourcing methods
- Provides high purity product with a pleasant taste for easy daily intake

- Check the Product Label: Before starting, read the product label for any specific instructions or warnings provided by the manufacturer.
- Determine Dosage: Identify the correct dosage for your child’s age or weight class as recommended on the product packaging.
- Chewable Capsule Preparation: If the capsule is large and your child is younger, you might need to cut or break the capsule into smaller, manageable pieces. Ensure hands are clean before handling.
- Administering the Capsule: Give your child the chewable capsule during or after meals to prevent any potential stomach upset.
- Chewing Properly: Encourage your child to chew the capsule thoroughly before swallowing to ensure proper release and absorption of the nutrients.
- Hydration: Have your child drink a glass of water or their favorite juice after taking the capsule to aid in swallowing and digestion.
- Daily Routine: Make taking the supplement a part of your child’s daily routine, preferably at the same time each day to ensure consistency and maximum benefit.
- Storage: Store the capsules in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children to maintain their effectiveness and safety.
- Follow Up: Monitor your child for any adverse reactions after taking the supplement and consult a healthcare provider if any concerns arise.
- Continual Assessment: Periodically reassess your child's need for the supplement in consultation with a healthcare professional, particularly as they grow or their dietary intake changes.

Deep-sea fish oil concentrate (from anchovy, sardine, and mackerel), fish gelatin, humectant: glycerol, strawberry flavor, antioxidant: Miradoxan (a mix of rosemary and tocopherol rich extract).

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