Flow tDCS Headset FL-100

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Medically approved, non-invasive tDCS device for depression treatment through gentle electrical stimulation of the brain.

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Medically approved device that treats depression through low electrical current application to the prefrontal cortex using non-invasive transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), proven to reduce depressive symptoms.

- Non-invasive treatment option
- Medically approved for treating depression
- Applies low electrical current, minimising discomfort
- Targets the prefrontal cortex, which is key in mood regulation
- Shown to alleviate depressive symptoms

- Ensure the device is fully charged or connected to a power source.
- Clean the skin where the electrodes will be placed, typically the forehead area, to ensure good contact.
- Place the electrodes according to the device's manual instructions, ensuring they are secure but comfortable.
- Turn on the device, starting with the lowest intensity setting.
- Gradually increase the electrical current to the recommended level or to a comfortable level, as instructed by the manual or your healthcare provider.
- Keep the device on for the duration recommended in the manual or by your healthcare provider, usually between 20 to 30 minutes.
- While the device is active, sit in a comfortable position, and try to relax. Avoid doing activities that require a lot of movement.
- Once the session is complete, slowly decrease the intensity level to zero before turning off the device.
- Carefully remove the electrodes from your skin.
- Clean the electrodes and the skin area where they were placed.
- Store the device and its accessories according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
- Record your session, noting any changes in mood or side effects, to discuss with your healthcare provider.

The Flow tDCS Headset FL-100 is a device, not a product with a list of ingredients like food or medicine, so it doesn’t have ingredients. It's composed of electronic components and materials such as electrodes, cables, plastic housing, foam padding, and potentially conductive gels or saline solutions used during operation.

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