Monreale Roses Musk (100ml)

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Romantic Rose & Citrus Perfume: Where Passion Meets Freshness in an Eternal Aroma Blend.

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The invigorating blend of citronellol, limonene, and the iconic scent of rose creates a romantic and lively perfume, accentuating the rose's reign as the king of flowers.

- Invokes passionate intensity and vivacity
- Features a refreshing aura of fresh citronellol and limonene
- Blends the elegance of rose with a romantic aroma
- Recognise d for its distinct and familiar scent
- Enhances mood with its blend of refreshing and romantic fragrances

- Ensure the area to be sprayed (e.g., pulse points such as wrists, neck) is clean and dry.
- Hold the perfume bottle about 5-7 inches away from the area of application.
- Spray lightly, aiming for pulse points for better fragrance dispersal and longevity.
- Wait a few seconds for the perfume to dry. Avoid rubbing the applied area to maintain the integrity of the scent layers.
- Reapply as necessary, depending on desired intensity and lasting power.

Citronellol, limonene, geranium, citral

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