Monreale Night Sandalwood (100ml)

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Night sandalwood scent, a masterpiece blend of sandalwood, gaiac, and patchouli, perfect for adorning palace-like elegance.

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A masterful perfume, the night sandalwood scent blends sandalwood, gaiac, and patchouli for a deep, palace-worthy fragrance.

- Lasting fragrance with a deep, incensed aroma
- Unique blend of sandalwood, gaiac, and patchouli for a distinctive scent
- Evokes the grandeur of ancient palaces and chambers
- Ideal for those seeking a rich, cultural scent experience
- Perfect for evenings and special occasions to stand out

- Remove the cap from the perfume bottle.
- Hold the bottle 5-7 inches away from your skin.
- Target pulse points such as your wrists, behind the ears, base of the throat, inside your elbows, and behind your knees.
- Spray the perfume lightly onto one or two of the pulse points.
- Allow the perfume to dry without rubbing it into the skin to preserve the integrity of the scent.
- If desired, lightly mist your clothes with the perfume for a longer-lasting effect.
- Cap the bottle after use to prevent evaporation and degradation of the scent.

Rose, freesia, mandarin, peony, grey amber, black orchid, musk, patchouli, sandalwood

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