Monreale Grape Peony (100ml)

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Exquisite Floral Perfume for Her: Bergamot Essence & Exotic Ingredients for a Bold Aroma.

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A floral perfume featuring bergamot and exotic ingredients, offering a complex, strong aroma for her.

- Floral fragrance tailored for women
- Features the distinct smell of bergamot
- Includes carefully selected exotic ingredients
- Offers a complex scent profile
- Exudes a strong and compelling character

- Start by identifying your pulse points: these are warm areas like your wrists, neck, inside elbows, below the midriff, and behind your knees.
- Hold the perfume bottle 3-6 inches away from the skin.
- Apply a single spray to each pulse point you'd like to fragrance, focusing on one or two points for a lighter scent.
- Let the perfume dry on your skin without rubbing it in to maintain the integrity of the scent.
- If you prefer a more subtle scent, spray the perfume into the air and walk through the mist.
- Reapply sparingly throughout the day if needed, remembering that heat, humidity, and other environmental factors can affect the lasting power of the fragrance.
- Store your perfume in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its complexity and strength.

Grape, bergamot, cranberry, pink grapefruit, rose, peony, jasmine, moss, raspberry, white musk

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