Monreale Game of Iris (100ml)

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Exotic Game of Iris Men's Fragrance: Sicilian Seaside Essence with Iris, Vanilla, Pink Pepper.

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The Game of Iris, a fragrance blending exotic iris butter, vanilla, and pink pepper, captures the essence of Sicily's seaside. Designed for men, it offers a strong, romantic aroma that mirrors its wearer's character.

- Imparts a stylish character reminiscent of Sicily's seaside
- Designed for men who appreciate exotic scents
- Unique blend of iris butter, vanilla, and pink pepper
- Offers a distinct and memorable aroma
- Enhances the wearer's individuality through fragrance

- Begin by ensuring that your skin is clean where the fragrance will be applied. Ideally, apply after showering for the scent to last longer.
- Hold the Game of Iris fragrance bottle a few inches away from your skin.
- Target pulse points such as your wrists, neck, chest, or behind the ears. These areas emit warmth, which helps to diffuse and magnify the aroma of the fragrance.
- Press the nozzle lightly to spray the fragrance onto your skin. Start with a small amount; you can always apply more if needed.
- Allow the fragrance to dry naturally without rubbing it into the skin, as this can alter the scent.
- If desired, apply a small amount of the perfume to your clothes, but be cautious as the fragrance might stain delicate fabrics.
- Reapply the fragrance sparingly throughout the day if you find the scent is fading.

Lemon, nectarine, pink pepper, iris butter, cashmere wood, musk, myrrh, dry amber, vanilla absolute

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