Monreale Cuir De Rose (100ml)

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Cuir de Rose: A Luxurious Perfume Blending Rose, Patchouli, and Pepper for the Adventurous Lady.

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Cuir de Rose is a vibrant perfume blending rose, patchouli, and pepper, perfect for adventurous, distinctive women.

- Evokes emotions of summer travels and adventures, enhancing mood.
- Created for individuals with a strong and unique character, promoting personal identity.
- Features a rich and luminous scent, providing an uplifting and luxurious experience.
- Includes notes of rose, patchouli, and pepper, offering a complex and enticing aroma.
- Ideal for ladies, tailored to feminine tastes and sensibilities.

- Ensure the skin is clean where the perfume will be applied, usually at pulse points like the wrists, neck, or behind the ears.
- Remove the cap of the Cuir de Rose bottle.
- Hold the bottle approximately 3-5 inches away from the skin.
- Direct the nozzle towards the area you wish to apply the perfume.
- Press the sprayer gently to release a fine mist of the perfume onto the skin.
- Apply sparingly, starting with one spray at each pulse point.
- Allow the perfume to dry naturally on the skin without rubbing it in to preserve the integrity of the scent.
- Re-cap the bottle to prevent the perfume from evaporating.
- For a longer-lasting effect, apply the perfume after moisturising the skin, as hydrated skin holds scents better.
- Wear the perfume when embarking on your day or before evening adventures to embody its unique character and essence.

Pear, pepper, mandarin, rose, freesia, leathery accord, musk, patchouli, dry amber​

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