Monreal Vetvyer Incence (100ml)

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Discover the unique blend of vetiver, cistus, and tulip in our new incense - a complex aroma creating an eternal harmony.

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A unique blend of incense, vetiver, cistus, and tulip creates a complex, rich aroma.

- Offers a complex and unique scent experience.
- Provides long-lasting aroma.
- Incorporates natural elements like vetiver and cistus.
- Delivers subtle and rich aromatic harmony.
- Enhances ambiance with the sophistication of tulip notes.

- Find a suitable, safe location for the incense burner that is away from flammable materials.
- Place the incense stick securely in the designated holder of the burner.
- Light the tip of the incense stick with a match or lighter.
- Allow the tip to burn for a few seconds and then gently blow out the flame, ensuring the incense begins to smolder and release its aroma.
- Enjoy the rich harmony of vetiver, cistus, and tulip aromas as the incense burns.
- Never leave burning incense unattended and ensure the area is well-ventilated.
- Once the incense stick has completely burnt out, safely dispose of the remains after ensuring it's completely cooled down.

Elemi, grapefruit, neroli, incense, vetiver, balsam fir, benzoin, cedarwood, musk

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