Foreo Issa Hybrid Wave Brush Head Mint

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Optimal oral hygiene and thorough cleaning with a built-in tongue cleaner. Plus, enjoy a fresh and healthy mouthfeel with an elegant design.

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Experience optimal oral hygiene with the Foreo ISSA Hybrid Wave Brush Head Mint. Expertly designed with polymer bristles, this toothbrush head ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning, while the built-in tongue and cheek cleaner leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy. With a focus on wellbeing and good health, this elegant and scientific toothbrush head is the perfect addition to your daily dental routine.

• Optimal oral hygiene
• Gentle yet thorough cleaning
• Built-in tongue and cheek cleaner
• Fresh and healthy mouthfeel
• Elegant and scientific design

• Switch on the Foreo ISSA Hybrid Wave Brush Head Mint toothbrush
• Apply regular toothpaste onto the brush head
• Brush your teeth for two minutes, using the same technique as with a manual toothbrush
• Rinse your mouth and the toothbrush with water
• Use the built-in tongue and cheek cleaner on the back of the brush to complete your oral care

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