CHI Volumiser 4 In 1 Blowout Brush

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Enhances volume, reduces frizz, and saves time with CHI Ceramic & Ionic Technology. Effortlessly style for healthier-looking hair.

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The CHI Volumiser 4-in-1 Blowout Brush is a versatile and convenient tool that effortlessly enhances your hair's volume and shine. Utilising CHI Ceramic and Ionic Technology, it emits an abundance of Negative Ions to reduce frizz, seal the cuticle, and lock in moisture.

• Enhances volume & shine with CHI Ceramic & Ionic Technology
• Reduces frizz, seals cuticle, & locks in moisture for healthier-looking hair
• Eliminates flyaways & prevents heat damage for well-nourished hair
• Versatile 4-in-1 tool for effortless styling routine
• Convenient & time-saving alternative to traditional blow drying

• Start with clean and towel-dried hair
• Plug in the CHI Volumiser 4 In 1 Blowout Brush
• Select the desired temperature setting
• Use the brush on small sections of hair, starting from the roots
• Gently glide the brush through the hair, pulling it downwards to create volume and shine
• Continue this process until all sections of hair are styled
• For added lift and volume, focus on the roots while styling
• Use the brush to smooth out any flyaways and frizz
• To ensure maximum moisture retention, make sure the brush is held close to the hair while styling
• Style the hair as desired, using the brush to create waves, curls, or a straightened look
• After styling, unplug the CHI Volumiser 4 In 1 Blowout Brush and allow it to cool before storing it

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