CHI Volcanic Lava Cermaic Hair Dryer

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Unleash the power of volcanic lava and ceramic tech for smooth, protected hair. Nature-inspired, healthy results.

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The CHI Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer combines the unparalleled heat-conducting properties of volcanic lava with the power of CHI ceramic technology. Experience smooth, sleek results without the damage caused by high-heat styling. Thanks to its unique materials, you can achieve your desired look using lower temperature settings.

• Unparalleled heat-conducting properties of volcanic lava for smoother, sleeker hair
• CHI ceramic technology reduces damage caused by high-heat styling
• Achieve your desired look with lower temperature settings
• Wellbeing for your hair with elegant and effective results
• Harness the power of nature and science for healthier and happier hair

• Plug in the CHI Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hair Dryer and wait for it to heat up.
• Ensure that your hair is clean and towel-dried before using the hair dryer.
• Choose your desired temperature setting using the lower temperature options to minimise heat damage.
• Divide your hair into sections and start drying from the roots to the ends for sleeker results.
• Hold the hair dryer at a distance to avoid direct heat exposure for hair protection.
• Move the hair dryer continuously to evenly distribute heat and prevent overheating.
• Use a round brush or comb to style your hair while drying for desired looks.
• After achieving your desired style, turn off the hair dryer and unplug it from the power source.
• Store the hair dryer in a safe place for future use.

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