MBR Lip Contour Refiner (15ml)

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Enhance volume, revitalize dry lips, nurture & protect for a healthier smile with intense moisturization & refreshment.

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MBR Lip Contour Refiner is a multi-active lip care treatment that brings refreshment and enhanced volume to your lips. This gentle formula intensely moisturizes and revitalizes dry lips, leaving them feeling nurtured and protected. With its focus on wellbeing and good health, this lip refiner is the perfect addition to your daily routine.

• Multi-active lip care treatment for enhanced volume
• Intense hydration revitalises dry lips
• Nurtures and protects for healthier-looking smile
• Gentle formula brings refreshment to lips
• Experience intense moisturisation and care

• Apply a small amount of MBR Lip Contour Refiner to clean, dry lips.
• Massage gently until fully absorbed.
• Use daily for best results.
• Reapply as needed throughout the day for continuous hydration and protection.

Shea butter, Crodamol ISIS, bisabolol, camomile extract, Kalpariane®, dexpanthenol (vitamine B5), Syn® Hycan, Cooling Agent

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