T.LeClerc Complexion Sponge

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Achieve precise, flawless foundation application with our expertly crafted sponge for healthy, beautiful skin.

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The T.LeClerc Complexion Sponge, designed by Théophile LeClerc, allows for precise application of our compact foundations. Enhance your make-up routine with this expertly crafted sponge, delivering a flawless finish. Made with wellbeing in mind, this elegant tool promotes good health for your skin.

• Precise foundation application
• Flawless finish
• Promotes good health for skin
• Expertly crafted for elegance

• Dampen the T.LeClerc Complexion Sponge with water before use
• Apply a small amount of foundation onto the dampened sponge
• Gently dab and blend the foundation onto the face using the sponge
• Use the pointed edge of the sponge for precise application on hard-to-reach areas such as the corners of the nose and around the eyes
• For a flawless finish, continue blending the foundation until it is seamlessly blended into the skin
• Clean the sponge after each use with a mild soap or cleanser and allow it to air dry
• Use the T.LeClerc Complexion Sponge for applying foundation to promote good health for the skin

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