T.LeClerc Eye Contour Liner Brush N°6

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Enhance and define your eyes effortlessly with precision and elegance. Ideal for liquid and powder liner, it creates a polished, expertly crafted finish.

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Théophile LeClerc’s Eye Contour Liner Brush N°6 enhances your eyes with precision and elegance. Designed for use at the base of your lashes, this brush intensifies your look effortlessly. Ideal for both liquid and powder eyeliner, it effortlessly creates a polished finish.

• Precision and elegance for enhanced eyes
• Intensifies your look effortlessly
• Ideal for both liquid and powder eyeliner
• Creates a polished finish
• Expertly crafted for a defined look

• Start by applying your desired eyeshadow or eye base to create a smooth canvas.
• Dip the T.LeClerc Eye Contour Liner Brush N°6 into either liquid or powder eyeliner.
• Begin by drawing a thin line along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and extending outward.
• For a bolder look, you can gradually thicken the line as desired.
• To complete the look, gently line your lower lash line for added definition.
• Clean the brush with mild soap and water after each use for proper maintenance.

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