T.LeClerc Pinceau Blush N.2

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Enhance beauty effortlessly with refined bristles. Add elegance and radiance to your daily routine with a flawless finish.

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The T.LeClerc Pinceau Blush N.2 is the perfect brush to enhance your natural beauty. Designed to deliver a kiss of blush to the contours of your cheeks, this expertly shaped brush adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine. With its refined bristles and scientific design, it effortlessly blends the blush for a natural and healthy look.

• Enhances natural beauty with a kiss of blush
• Refined bristles for effortless blending and a healthy look
• Expertly shaped to add elegance to your daily routine
• Elevates wellbeing with a radiant complexion
• High-quality brush for a flawless finish

• Gently swirl the brush in the blush product
• Tap off any excess product on the back of your hand
• Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks using light, sweeping motions
• Blend the blush outward towards your temples for a natural look
• Build up the color gradually for desired intensity
• Clean the brush regularly with mild soap and water to maintain its quality and performance

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