Altesse Repair & Shine Brush Thick Or Curly Hair Classic

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Classic brush for thick or curly hair with 100% boar bristles and olive wood handle, enhancing shine and reducing breakage.

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This brush, perfect for thick or curly hair, combines 100% boar bristles with an olive wood handle to spread natural oils, boost shine, and minimise breakage. Its unique tufting massages the scalp to encourage circulation and growth, making it great for daily use to keep hair smooth and healthy.

- Distributes natural oils from roots to ends.
- Gently detangles and reduces hair breakage.
- Massages the scalp to promote circulation.
- Encourages healthy hair growth with regular use.
- Specifically designed for this hair type.

- Start with clean hair, either wet or dry.
- Hold the brush by its comfortable olive wood handle.
- Begin brushing from the roots, gently moving to the ends.
- Use long, smooth strokes to distribute natural oils evenly.
- Repeat daily to massage the scalp, promote circulation, and encourage hair growth.

100% boar bristles, Olive wood handle

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