Altesse Gentle Detangling Brush Fine To Medium Hair Petite

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Gentle Detangling Brush for fine to medium hair, with bio-sourced nylon bristles and olive wood handle.

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The Altescape Beauté Petite Gentle Detangling Brush, with bio-sourced nylon bristles, softly untangles fine to medium hair minimising breakage. Suitable for wet/dry use, it features a comfortable olive wood handle.

- Reduces breakage and damage.
- Suitable for both wet and dry hair.
- Made with bio-sourced nylon bristles.
- Features an ergonomic olive wood handle.
- Specifically designed for this hair type.

- Start with clean hair, either wet or dry.
- Hold the brush by its comfortable olive wood handle.
- Begin detangling from the ends of your hair, working your way up to the roots.
- Use gentle, smooth strokes to avoid pulling and reduce breakage.
- Continue brushing until your hair is fully detangled and smooth.

Bio-sourced nylon bristles, Olive wood handle

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