Tony II Light Brown


Tony II Light Brown is the best selling men's summer shoe. It is a casual men's everyday shoe which is the most suitable lace up men's shoe made by Joya with leather upper combined with breathable mesh providing a hiking shoe look. 

The Joya Technology alongside the removable insoles gives these shoes the podiatrist seal of approval.

It is designed with the ‘Air’ sole technology offering a lightweight feel and relieving pressure from your feet which is perfectly suitable for any foot, knee or back pain.

Joya’s Air soles are made specifically for athletes and people who need physical relief from walking and standing. 

The Ortholite Support removable insoles are soft and light in weight with great support at the heel and arch whereas the outer soles are made of rubber, giving a better grip. The laces permit adjustment to the shoes which grants a better fit to your foot width.

Sole Technology: Air

Material: Velour leather

Lining: Textile

Insole: Ortholite Support

Shoe Width: H

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