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Omega 3 Herring Caviar


Health Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oils and Phospholipids

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Brain health and function
  • Eye health and vision
  • Lung health
  • Skin health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves insulin sensitivity

Omega 3 Oils

Omega 3 fats are essential fatty acids (EFAs). They are essential because our bodies cannot make them but they are needed for health meaning they need to come from our diet and supplements.

Fish oils contain the broken down forms of the omega 3 fats: EPA and DHA.


Phospholipids are lipids that form the main component of all cell membranes as well as regulating a variety of activities within the cell. Phospholipids allow molecules such as oxygen and nutrients to enter the cell and aid the excretion of toxins from the cell. They have high bioavailability meaning they are easy for the body to absorb and can increase the absorption and use of other substances. They are also emulsifiers.


Choline is a water soluble B vitamin. Along with the other B vitamins it supports energy, brain function, liver health and metabolism.

As a food supplement for adults, take one capsule daily at mealtimes or as your health professional advises. 

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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