MBR Cosmetics

Cross Lift Serum ultrapeptide

A multi-regulating intensive treatment for a particularly fast and sustainable renovation of the skin. The unique care effect is immediately noticeable. The mega-dosed epidermal and dermal serum leaves the skin looking more youthful, relaxed and noticeably smoother immediately after application.

• Lines and wrinkles are smoothed and “padded” for a long time
• Contours appear firmer
• regulates moisture supply and retention
• promotes collagen synthesis
• activates the skin's own regenerative capacity
• improves skin structure
• reduces the appearance of wrinkles through reduced micro contraction
• has an antioxidant effect, offers optimal properties Protection against negative environmental influences
• calming effect, brings irritated skin back into balance

Morning and evening. After cleaning and opening with Enzyme Cleansing Booster Cross Lift Serum Ultrapeptide, apply and spread. Then use the recommended MBR finishing care products.

LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, Syn®-Ake, ChroNoline ™, Cyclopeptide-5, MaxAqua MBR®, antioxidant EGT.

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