MBR Cosmetics

City & Sky

With the unique high-tech vitamin cocktail, City & Sky gives the skin the vitality and energy it needs to defy all the negative influences of today's modern world and preserve its youthful aura.

• has an antioxidant effect
• strengthens the immune system of the skin
• preserves and gives radiance and luminosity
• preserves and increases the moisture
balance • counteracts light-induced cell damage
• counteracts the formation of lines and wrinkle

Morning and evening. After cleaning and opening (Two in One Cleanser or Foam Cleanser purifying / Beta-Enzyme / Starter Facial Booster) apply the recommended active ingredient serum. Then apply City & Sky generously to the skin and massage in gently.

Superox-C, Kombuchka ™, vitamin C glucoside, vitamin E, vitamin A, SymHelios® 1031, Rosmarinyl ™ glucoside, avocado oil.

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