MBR Cosmetics

Lipo Shower Gel

Bath and shower gel with replenishing lipids for cleansing, nourishing and revitalising the body.

• Particularly mild cleansing, gentle on skin fat
• Replenishing lipids provide care and protection and prevent the skin from drying out
• Has a refreshing and revitalising effect
• Firms and tightens skin tissue
• Improves the energy and vitality of the skin, makes the skin soft
• Restores balance to the skin
• Superbly skin-friendly

For daily use in the shower, first froth up the product in your hands, then massage onto the wet skin and softly massage in all over. Then rinse off. For use as a bath gel, pour out two dollops directly into the running water.

Lamesoft®, Guargum-antistatic, Centella asiatica, liquorice root extract, sea mayweed, green tea, rosemary

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